We help scale emerging SaaS companies.

We help scale emerging SaaS companies.

We’re a team of former tech founders and executives who back emerging SaaS companies as they start to scale. We call Austin home but back great companies everywhere.

AUstin Texas

We help bring order to chaos.

We help companies through the “awkward phase” of their growth journeys. It’s that period when you have an initial product and customer base, and need to shift focus to your next priority: architecting a sustainable business.

We’re a great fit for each other if...

You’re a founder who wants to partner with a team of friendly-yet-no-nonsense investors who have the operational and business-building chops to help your company scale. We are the right partners when you need to shift from initial product-market fit wranglings to sustainable company building. 

At our core, we’re company builders.

Is there any greater joy than building a business? Building a product or service that is loved by customers is a fulfilling mission. We believe that’s a true legacy.

We choose to invest and work with 2-3 new companies a year.

That’s it. And when we invest, we’re in it for the long-term. We limit the number of investments we make in order to guarantee that BuildGroup’s operators can dedicate their time and attention to engaging with founders and their companies in a high-touch way. 

Meet our lead builders.

We’re not a traditional venture capital firm”

- says every VC ever.

We really aren’t. BuildGroup is a collective of former operators turned investors who love working together. Some of us are from our Rackspace and OpenStack days. Some of us are founders from BuildGroup’s portfolio companies who have started advising other portfolio companies. Investing in and building businesses aren’t just a job for us. 
This is what we love to do. 


We are with you on the journey for as far as you want to go.

Five-year exit horizons have become the industry norm. They benefit investors, not founders and CEOs. While those timelines may make sense for some, they force others into a grow-at-all-costs mentality that does more harm than good. That’s not how we work.

We prime companies for sustainable growth over the time period that makes sense for their unique market conditions and strategies. All without an arbitrary expiration date.