Sometimes 5 years isn’t long enough to change the world.

Venture capital works for some but not for all. We provide permanent capital so determined companies can build for the long haul.


BuildGroup. A better way to build.

Five-year horizons are designed for investor exits, not for a leadership team to achieve its full potential. Building a good company is arduous, and building a great company requires more than a full commitment from all participants.  Emerging software companies deserve an investor who is committed to the long climb to greatness.

This is especially true for new software and technologies that are ahead of their time.  Progress in tech rarely happens according to schedule, so leadership teams need the latitude to make course corrections and experiment with asymmetric product bets.  Short runways lead to reactive reasoning, bad product thinking and missed opportunities.

BuildGroup is a software holding company that exclusively invests in founders and senior teams who have the grit to play the long game. Our model optimizes for the long term so founders can focus on building a great company instead of raising the next round.

Permanent capital and pragmatic coaching.

The best software companies endure for decades. We provide permanent capital so companies can achieve their potential.

We have a massive chunk of our net worth invested in our company, just like the entrepreneurs and teams we back. This alignment means we’ll do all we can to assist you and your team to build your company, and we won’t advise you to take silly risks and waste money. We will succeed or fail together.

We understand the challenges of building a great company, and would love to share our entrepreneurial scars. As we work with you, we’ll bring our intellectual property to your team in a pragmatic way to help you grow and succeed.

A new model for building.

Just as every senior leadership team needs a core group of executives who go the distance with the company, every company deserves investors committed to the same long-term game. Too many companies waste precious time running through multiple funding rounds to please short-term investors. Our model provides permanent capital so leadership teams can pursue greatness, not short-term investor exits.

For us, greatness lives at the intersection of people, product, customer, culture and business model. We’re obsessed about providing the pragmatic coaching and maniacal backing to help leadership teams and companies pursue greatness. We only make one or two new investments each year. If we invest in your company, that means you’re one of the ambitiously humble crazy ones, and we will back you with everything we’ve got.