Come build with us.

Our pioneering approach helps entrepreneurs realize their ambitions and build for the long term.

Adios forced exits.

Most VCs don’t think about building businesses for 15 years. In our capital model, arbitrary growth horizons were the first to go. We structured BuildGroup from day one to provide long-term, permanent capital so our companies can go the distance.

Real building partners.

The world is full of investors who claim they “add value.” Most of the time when these words are spoken, entrepreneurs should flee. We’re not here to “add value” by pointing out all of the areas where things are going wrong.  Our role is to serve the gritty leadership teams who want to build a great business over 15 years.

We’ve designed our operational and executional models to function as a service, so leadership teams get what they need when they need it.  Leadership teams build companies, not investors. Our services are designed to give you the maniacal backing you need to navigate entrepreneurial growth.

Tools for titans.

During the first 15 years of our careers we experienced some big wins, and we also made some incredible mistakes. Growing a startup into a global, publicly-traded corporation was not easy. It would have been nice to work with someone who had done it before.

We’ve developed proprietary growth frameworks to help you accelerate faster than the market and avoid common pitfalls, irreversible mistakes and all-consuming time traps. We can help you avoid wasted cycles on dead-ends and spend more time building great products for your customers.

The best companies in the world are built, not bought.

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